Right when respect for oneself is a major requirement, our work cannot therefore only be conceiving new styles and design, using of more and more efficient technologies and creating top quality products: it must be included in a broad process finally aimed at responsible development.

Our daily target must be fully expressing new ceramic trends totally respecting the surrounding environment.

Ceramica Castelvetro has started this process 10 years ago already, using a highly eco-compatible productive system, a project for recovering process water and energy in a ceramic drying system that was awarded the ENEA prize in 1999 for sustainable development.

The most recent step of this process has been the installation in 2009 of the biggest and most eco-friendly kiln in the ceramic district. The energy saving kiln at Ceramica Castelvetro represents an innovative system able to recover heart as much as possible reducing operating costs. The result is a total recovery loop enabling lower consumption with a dramatic decrease of emissions in the atmosphere.